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Welcome to the REGIOSTARS Awards 2020 online submission platform

The REGIOSTARS Awards are a yearly competition, organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy. It aims at identifying good practices in regional development and highlighting innovative, EU-funded projects, which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions and project managers


The winners of the REGIOSTARS Awards 2020 are :

Smart growth

Industrial transition for a Smart Europe

ESA BIC Portugal

ESA Portugal Space Solutions Centre promotes space technologies on innovative solutions to non-space markets, being a pioneer in Europe. This project is used to support entrepreneurs who intend to use space assets to generate new business in smart cities, transports and logistics, health, agriculture, blue economy or environment. Overall the project had an impact in the first 5 years of more than 11,5 M€, generated more than 100 highly skilled jobs in 30 innovative startups. ​

Sustainable growth

Circular economy for a green Europe

France , United Kingdom

It’s time to cool down! Food is important to all of us. It sustains us, fuels us, inspires and tempts us. But did you know that process of growing, harvesting and transporting food accounts for almost a third of the world’s carbon emissions? The good news is that there are bite-sized actions we can take to reduce our carbon emissions to slow down climate change and help the earth keep cool. Sign up now on, make one or more commitment and record your progress every week!

Inclusive growth

Skills & Education for a digital Europe


Purpose of the project was to improve digital maturity of schools and digital competences of teachers and students, focusing on 10% of all Croatian schools. It piloted organizational, technological and educational concepts of introducing ICT in the education and administrative processes. The current shift to remote learning, although challenging, was significantly mitigated by the core project results, helping some 50.000 teachers and 500.000 students switch to a new level of education.

Urban development

Citizens engagement for cohesive European cities

France , Belgium , United Kingdom , Germany , Netherlands , Ireland

There is a housing affordability crisis in many European cities. The SHICC project seeks to address this by supporting the establishment of Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in four cities to 'prove the concept' - Brussels, London, Ghent and Lille - and across Europe. CLTs are democratic organisations that develop and manage homes that are affordable to people with low and median incomes and remain affordable forever. CLTs create cohesive neighbourhoods through community and resident involvement.

Topic of the year 2020: 30 Years of Interreg

Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders

Italy , Austria , Germany , Hungary , Croatia , Slovenia , Poland

Youth will play a crucial role in Europe’s transition to a carbon neutral continent. Energy@School developed a scheme to train school students as “Junior Energy Guardians”. Their awareness raising approach has resulted in significant energy efficiency improvements of the participating schools and can easily be rolled out in other regions. The project has shown that giving youth greater responsibility can be as effective as expensive renovation measures

Public choice award

Time is now for change
Lithuania , Poland

The project Time is now for change is the best youth empowerment for cooperation across borders initiative. Polish youth shared knowledge and experience for helping Lithuanian partners to implement streetworkers program. Working with difficult kids and youth is always challenge, but having strong cross border partners support it is possible to make change. Joint training, survival camps, pilot actions, work with youth in streets and even more - that what cross border partnership stands for.

  • Applications must be submitted by the project manager with the endorsement of the Managing Authority, which provided EU funding (European regional development fund, Cohesion fund, European Social Fund, Pre-accession instrument or European Neighbourhood Instrument) for the project.

  • Applications cannot be sent in a Word document, but have to be submitted exclusively via this online platform.

  • Endorsement letter - simplified procedure possible - please read the updated Guide for Applicants.

This platform is accessible from 2 March to 9 May 2020.

Applications are now closed. 

Please read the guide for applicants carefully before submitting your project.
The information should preferably be provided in English, but can also be submitted in any other official EU language if necessary.

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